Product Launch - Dec 2014 ALIA Released New Product ACF6000


ACF6000 Series uses the Coriolis effect as a technique for liquid mass flow measurement. 

The ACF6000 can measure most of the liquids; the infrared light sensor makes it easy for you to set parameters & change the display data. 

The Double-C tube & Double-D Tube make it possible for the meter to be used in most liquid applications.


  1. Can be programmed by infrared light sensor without opening cover 
  2. High turndown ratio of flow rate
  3. It comes any flanges such as ANSI, DIN, JIS... etc  
  4. Excellent for high pressure application
  5. Simple for installation, commission and maintenance
  6. Self-diagnostic capabilities, cable faults, pipe vibration
  7. High accuracy of +/-0.2% of reading (or +/-0.1% of reading)
  8. With forward / reverse flow rate measurement function