Gas Detector System for Glove Factory - Site Selangor

We supply, install and calibration brand GDS gas detector with SPAN approval. 

Customer : Glove Factory, Selangor

System consists of either: 
GDS Technologies Gas Sensor -CH4
GDS Technologies Gas Sensor - CO2
GDS Technologies Gas Sensor - O2
GDS Technologies Gas Sensor - H2S

GDS Technologies Gas Sensor - CL2

Oliver IGD Gas Sensor -CH4
Oliver IGD Gas Sensor - CO2
Oliver IGD Gas Sensor - O2
Oliver IGD Gas Sensor - H2S

Oliver IGD Gas Sensor - CL2

Crowcon Gas Sensor -CH4
Crowcon Gas Sensor - CO2
Crowcon Gas Sensor - O2
Crowcon Gas Sensor - H2S

Crowcon Gas Sensor - CL2

complete with:
Gas Controller
Lighting Surge Protector
Alarm & Buzzer
Pedestal Panel

Inclusive of wire termination and wire installation.

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