Supply & Installation of Air Pressure & Flow Measurement System

Air Pressure & Flow Measurement System typically uses Differential Pressure & Thermal Mass Flowmeter depending on the requirement. Thus the either Differential Pressure & Thermal Mass Flowmeter digital, mechanical or analog are used for the pressure or flowmeter system.

Differential Pressure & Thermal Mass Flowmeter measure pressure, flow rate and total volume of air flowing through weirs, flumes, channels and partially filled pipes.

There are numerous types of pressure measurement:

  • Absolute pressure sensor
  • Gauge pressure sensor
  • Vacuum pressure sensor
  • Differential pressure sensor
  • Sealed pressure sensor

There are numerous types of air flowmeter measurement:

  • Thermal Mass / Hot wire Sensor
  • Positive Displacement / Vane Sensor
We provide full service including installation for the Air Pressure & Flowmeter system. Click link below to know more:

Air Flowmeter Measurement System - ALIA
Air Flowmeter Measurement System - CS Instrument
Air Flowmeter Measurement System - Q&T
Air Pressure Measurement System - ALIA
Approved by the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN) for Sewage and Waste water usage.

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