Phosphate Analyser - PHOS200

Phosphate Analyser - PHOS200

PHOS200 is an on-line phosphate in water analyzer. Using the colorimetric method, it allows the detection of very low concentrations of phosphate in water without filtration, thanks to its original spectrometer. It is equipped with an automatic cleaning system which reduces the maintenance operation while keeping the long-term reliability.

  • Sewage works
  • Industrial effluents survey
  • Drinking water
  • River monitoring

The multiple wavelength technology detection allows the application of PHOS200 on rough water without filtration. The automatic cleaning system uses diluted acid solution to clean the flow cell. This technology has proven its efficiency and maintains the performance level of the analyzer even when used on rough water. The measurements results are stored in a static memory with date and time. More than 10000 results can be stored in the memory. They can be down loaded in a computer using the RS232 output. PHOS200 can be powered with mains between 110 and 240VAC or with a 12Volts battery. The RS232 output can be used for measurement results reading on short distance. A powered and insulated 4-20mA output allows long distance result communication. A remote measurement command (option) can be used to start a measurement cycle from an external clock signal in order to synchronize the analyzer with a remote PLC. PHOS200 is equipped with a sampling peristaltic pump whose flow rate is 0.5L/m.


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