Online Chlorine Analyzer (DPD) PACON 2500

The PACON 2500 analyzer continuously detects the online residual chlorine concentration in water and uses the authoritative and reliable DPD colorimetric method. By automatically adding buffer reagent, the sample is adjusted to a certain pH range and the DPD becomes purple with the concentration of residual chlorine. The color depth depends on the chlorine content of the water sample.

Measurement parameters:
- Chlorine
  • Tap water
  • Drinking water pipe network
  • Disinfection process
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Cooling water
  • Pool
Basic parameters
Measuring principle: DPD colorimetric method
Measuring range: 0 - 5.00mg / L (ppm) Residual Chlorine
Resolution: 0.01mg / L
Accuracy: ± 1% f.s.
Measurement period: Can be set: 300 - 3600s (the instrument defaults to 300s)
Display: Multi-line LCD display (measured value, measurement mode and relay status)
Influent flow: about 1L / min
Water pressure: about 1bar
Instrument Interface: Water Sample Import: φ10mm hose
Water samples export: φ10mm hose
Waste outlet: φ10mm hose
Protection class: IP65
Installation: Wall-mounted

DPD colorimetric method, the measurement is more accurate and stable
Automatic diagnosis and automatic calibration
Low reagent consumption, easy to replace
Automatic and manual measurement mode
IP65 degree of protection
RS485 output:
Password protection to prevent unauthorized operations

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