UV 254 BOD / COD / TOC Analyzer CT200

UV 254 BOD / COD / TOC Analyzer CT200

Online UV 254 measurement

Measuring ranges:

  • 0-200 Abs / m (river, drinking water)
  • 0-1000 Abs / m (effluents, purification)


SAC254 measurement according to AFNOR NF T90-210 November 2018 and DIN 38404-C3 standards

Definition of correlation curves for the measurement of COD, TOC and BOD on your application.

Quick results : SAC COD / BOD / TOC measurement in 20 seconds without reagent

Long-term reliability of the measurement

UV SAC254 measurement technology.
Automated cleaning system and zero adjustment.

Functional on dirty water

Large-section hoses limit the risk of clogging.
Optical turbidity compensation.

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