Inline pH/ORP and Temperature Meter 6311

Inline pH/ORP and Temperature Meter 6311

The 6311 pH/ORP and temperature meter is renowned for its reading quality, now with a refined user experience and improved usability.

1/4 DIN, IP65, panel mount pH/ORP/Temp analyzer with 4 to 20 mA current output and RS-485, 4 on/off relays and 1 wash. relay. Features 4 fully programmable relays for pH or ORP and one for wash. Tinned lead connectors. CE Approved.

Features & Benefits

  • pH/ORP/temperature measurement & control
  • Display pH electrode efficiency
  • User selectable ATC element: 3k balco, 10k, and pt-1000
  • Reversible & isolated 4 ~ 20 mA output
  • RS-485 output
  • Bumpless calibration
  • Graphic LCD dispaly,128 x 64with backlight
  • Membrane switch with audio feedback
  • Auto temp. compensation
  • High 50/60 Hz noise rejection
  • Pipe/wall/panel mounting
  • 1/4 DIN watertight enclosure
  • One programmable relay for wash.
  • CE approved
  • Programmable linear/ ORP current output or programmable linear/ anti-logarithmic current output

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