AXIOMA products include heat and water devices, energy management devices, and systems. There are a few different types: mechanical, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic devices. In 1992, we were the first company in Lithuania to create an ultrasonic heat meter, but we didn't stop there – to this day, we have consistently worked to perfect these devices and to use them to measure different mediums. We also have several ultrasonic device patents.

    The ultrasonic method is one of the most quickly developing methods in numerous sectors because it can identify and immediately react to the tiniest changes in any system. Therefore, as ultrasonic system developers, we consistently invest in scientific research in this field. In this way, we ensure that the meters we produce are advanced, precise, and accurate.

    We currently offer the following exceptionally advanced monitoring devices for different mediums and based on various operation methods: heat meter computers, ultrasonic heating and cooling energy meters, ultrasonic heat and water meters, ultrasonic flow sensors. Our devices can be configured and adapted according to the client's needs.

    Devices can be connected to our energy management systems or other systems. We also provide head meter inspection and maintenance services.

    The meters we create and manufacture are designed for monitoring industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

    6 products

    6 products