Lohand Biological

  Hangzhou Lohand Biological Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2008, we are a professional company that manufactures and exports portable water quality detection meter, rapid test paper, water test kit ,DO meter, industrial online test meter, digital refractometer etc. We obtained many national patents, which is the symbol of water quality test industry .

Our Lohand products are widely used for the water quality rapid test of water-supply system, food and beverage processing ,environmental detection, water treatment project ,aquiculture, sewage plant, scientific research, biotechnology, fermentation process, textile dip dye, petrochemical industry etc.

What we do:

Digital Refractometer, Portable water quality detection meter,  Multi-parameter portable water quality detector,  Multi-function portable water quality detector, Water sample heating thermostat, Desktop reactor, Desktop water quality water analyzer, Water detection test paper test kit , Water detector kit, Color comparison tube、

7 products

7 products