Founded since 1952, Baumer has become one of the leading industries in producing high-precision, smart sensor solutions for factory and process automation which contributed in realizing many smart factories. Today, Baumer has expanded to having 39 subsidiaries and in over 19 countries. 

    As a specialist in smart sensors, Baumer carries a variety of sensor products to cater to many different industries. We are especially interested in their process sensors which are able to solve many of our clients' problems and thus we hope that they can also become solutions to our future clients.

    Some of the industries below are our regulars and our products have always been part of their systems and solutions: 

    • Food & Beverage
    • Dairy 
    • Feeder Technology
    • Steel & Metal 
    • Packing 
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Mobile Machines & Robotics

    17 products

    17 products