Seojin Instech


                                                       SEOJIN INSTECH has been expanding its business areas over the last 30 years and was the first company in South Korea to have attained the ISO 9001 and KEPIC certifications. SeoJin Instech specializes in the manufacture of a broad range of products intended for multiple different fields:

  • Level sensors
  • Level switches
  • Level transmitters
  • Flow meters

With a broad range of manufacturing services combined with SEOJIN rich expertise and technical knowledge, it has enabled us to secure the core technologies in the knowledge-based measuring instrument industry. Our products have become the optimal solution of many industries, the common ones being:

  • Water Treatment
  • Factory Automation
  • Building Automatic System
  • Industrial Plant
  • Petrochemistry
  • Nuclear/ Power Generation Plant

19 products

19 products