Master Catalog

This list provides indepth access to all products that are currently avaliable based on their most used functions.

Flow Measurement

Flow measurement is used to calculate volume in respect to velocity by means of electomagnetism, ultrasound, vortex and more.

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Level Measurement

Level measurement is used to determined the exact height of substances in a tank or enclosed space by using radar, ultrasound, contact and more.

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Air, Gas and Oil Measurement

Gas measurement is essential in detecting various harmfuls chemicals present in the air through leakage or byproducts of a system's operation.

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Water Analyzer

Water analyzers are used to verify the contents of certain bodies of water. Most notably dissolve oxygen, pH levels, turbidity and more.

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I/O Solutions Components

Input Output components are critical in process which require multiple sources of information from different devices such as SCADA, PLC, Alarm system and more.

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Pressure Measurement

Pressure measurement is used to observe the pressure in and enclosed system to determined the amount it is currently operating.

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Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement such as thermometer and thermocouple is needed to analyze a system's working condition.

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Pneumatics and Hydraulics Component

Components operated on pressurised air, gas, liquid, water, oil for use in heavy industrial machinary to operate heavy lifting.

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Valves are devices attached to a pipe or a tube that controls the flow of air or liquid through the pipe or tube.

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Pipes and Objects Locater

Tools which conform to various standards that help with locating pipelines, cables and etc.