Portable Gas Leak Detector Indoor Ex-Tec PM 580 / 550 / 500

The portable gas concentration meters for sensing, measuring and warning
Now with certified functional reliability for gas warning AND gas detection in the case of testing of buildings!
The mobile gas measuring and gas warning devices of the EX-TEC PM 5xx®series facilitate the daily work of gas installers, maintenance staff and other specialist personnel. They can use it to locate leaks on freely accessible gas pipelines, assess the risk of explosion and determine toxic gases with regard to compliance with occupational exposure limit values (AGW). In the case of construction, the EX-TEC PM 580® the carbon monoxide concentration in the room air and triggers an acoustic and visual alarm if the values are too high. The toxic carbon monoxide is produced in combustion devices, such as heaters, by insufficient air supply and endangers people.
Ergonomics that make your work easier
Once held in your hand, you will no longer want to give up the explosion- and IP65-protected device. Thanks to the non-slip housing with rubber coating, it lies securely in the hand. The high-contrast display scores with razor-sharp display and can be read very well even in sunlight. All device functions can be quickly called up via the 4-button control block (2 arrow keys, menu key, enter key). The separate power button is not assigned any other function.
How to benefit from the EX-TEC PM 580 / 550 / 500®
  • Intelligent support during guided functional testing
  • 2.5" display very easy to read in any environment: brilliant, high-contrast, razor-sharp, illuminated
  • Very user-friendly: easy navigation via 4 buttons and clear menu structure for all applications
  • True one-hand operation: suitable for right- and left-handers
  • Handy device: grippy housing lies securely in the hand
  • Quickly detect filter contamination thanks to transparent closure in front of an easily replaceable dust filter
  • Protection by pump alarm in case of water contact of the hydrophobic filter
  • Detects up to five different gases at maximum equipment
  • Practical handling thanks to short probe and belt clip
  • Acoustic and optical pre- and main alarm in case of hazardous gas concentration
  • Flexible power supply: Mignon rechargeable batteries (AA) or batteries 

Certified passive and active EX protection
TÜV 17 ATEX 171969 X: EU-type
examination certificate II2G Ex ia db eb IIC
T4 Gb: when using the battery holder For the applications "Warn" and "Bauwerk" apply:
BVS 19 ATEX G 002 X : Measuring function certified for methane (CH4), propane (C3H8)
PFG 19 G 004 X : Measuring function certified for oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2)

Technical Datasheet 

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