Control Box BB2

Cerlic BB2 is a powerful control box that can support a combination of up to four different sensors, measuring dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, sludge level, pH, ORP, or fiber consistency simultaneously. Weighing less than 1.5 Kg (3 lbs), the BB2 is distinguished by a three-button panel used to navigate the intuitive software.

The plug & play capabilities of the BB2 ensure an easy installation. Calibration is performed in just a few simple steps. The unit is designed with cutting-edge digital technology and software, making the BB2 easily upgradeable in the field and ensuring that the customer has the latest software revisions.

The control box comes standard with two 4 - 20 mA outputs. It also features an expansion slot for two extra analog outputs or a protocol card that enables the unit to utilize digital communication protocols as ProfiBus DP.

The self maintenance features of the BB2 further enhance its value in the plant. A built-in heater protects the unit against cold weather conditions. Relay outputs in the BB2 are used for high and low alarms or to provide a pulse for automatic cleaning.

Datasheet Control Box   
Datasheet for Sensors 

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