Capacitance Level Switch ME Series

Capacitance Level Switch ME Series

The ME10 uses versatile capacitance technology to provide precise and reliable level switching for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Traditional capacitance switches have a critical technology limitation that requires a specific transmitter or sensor dependent upon the dielectric constant and conductance of the material monitored.

As a result of a significant technological breakthrough, the ME Series uses the same transmitter and sensor for all applications. This capacitance switch technology advance simplifies product selection, ordering, installation, maintenance, and spare parts stocking.

While the ME Series may be adjusted to suit specific process requirements, the factory settings are ideal for most applications. A simple sensitivity adjustment (dip switch or potentiometer) may be required when sticky conductive materials are detected.

The ME10 is a workhorse level switch for a range of applications. Mount it, wire it, and forget it!


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