Optical Sludge Blanket Meter CBX

Cerlic CBX / CBX PLUS Sludge blanket meter for reliable, repeatable and accurate measurement of blanket depth in clarifiers and thickeners. Measuring depth is 0 - 10 m (0 - 33 ft). Total length of cable is 11 m (36 ft). Determination of sludge level in primary and secondary clarifiers will help avoid solids washouts and allow for better solids inventory control. Blanket monitoring in a thickener is important in order to optimize the dry solids concentration, which means less water to the digester or dewatering equipment. Cerlic CBX detects the blanket by means of a near-infrared (NIR) suspended solids sensor, which travels through fluff layers until it finds the preset blanket solids concentration. CBX is supplied in a stainless steel housing with SS handrail mounting assembly for easy attachment to handrail. Automatic water flushing system of cable and sensor after each cycle. Built-in heater allows outdoor mounting even in cold climate. The CBX unit can be connected to a BB1 Control Box for 4 - 20 mA or Profibus DP output signals.


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