Electrode Level Sensor CE

The CE is designed for use in large tanks or vessel the  FE series can not be used due to the limitation of electrode length. Used in conjunction with one or more RE7000 relays, the CE can reliably detect up to 6 separate levels in tanks up to 20 meter deep. The PVC body, the PVC cable, and selectable electrode is selected for 316SS, NW0001, 0665, NW0276, and Titanium for the chemical compatibility. If necessary, alternative SCM cable is available.


  • Easy to install for the large tanks or vessels
  • 20 meter max cable length
  • Switch points easily adjusted in field
  • Up to 6 detection points.

Electrode Material : 316SS / NW0001 0665 (Hastelloy B) / NW0276 (Hastelloy C) / Titanium

Cable Material : PVC - 6 meter (Max 20 meter)

Housing : ABS

Flange : PVC

Weight : PVC

Rope : PE

Application : Ideal for direct pump control


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