Capacitive Level Sensor CG

Conventional Radio Frequency and Admittance sensor are typically used as inexpensive solutions for point level detection, but they are often times unreliable. The model CG provides reliable, simple, and cost effective point level detection of liquids, solids and adhesive conductive medium.

Sophisticated application with fluids, operation condition that requires periodical re-calibration with conventional simple sensors due to the deviation of working conditions like Fluid's chemical configuration. Humidity, Temperature, Resistance value factor, build up can not normally be covered with conventionally simple capacitance level sensors.

Our new model CG can work well both simple fluids, difficult fluids and sophisticated environment due to the patent pending circuitry.


  • One push adjustment by parameter
  • Various function by microprocessor
  • LCD for operation check
  • Improved function for material build up
  • Outstanding reliability
  • No need to adjust in actual liquid


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