Dew Point Sensor Portable with Display & Data Logger DP 500 / DP 510

DP 500/510 is a mobile portable dew point meter with integrated display and data logger for : 
  • Compressed air: Examination of refrigeration, membrane, adsorption dryers
  • Technical gases: Residual moisture measurement in gases such as N2, O2 etc.
  • Plastics industry: Examination of granulate dryers
Special features:
  •  Precise dew point measurement down to -80 °Ctd
  •  Quick response time
  • 3.5" graphic display / easy operation via touch screen
  • Integrated data logger for storage of the measured values
  • USB interface for reading out via USB stick • Calculates all necessary moisture parameters like g/m³, mg/m³, ppm V/V, g/kg, °Ctdatm
  • 2nd freely assignable sensor input for third-party sensors (only DP 510)
  • International: up to 8 languages selectable

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