FMCW Radar Transmitter RE

FMCW Radar Transmitter RE

Radar technology provides powerful non-contact level control where it is most needed. These advanced level measurement gauges are immune to dust, vacuum, humidity, foam, and variations in pressure, dielectric and temperature. Hycontrol’s 24 GHz and 80 GHz radar products offer a wide range of solutions for almost every requirement. Models are available for solids measurement and liquid level control. 

Hycontrol’s RE Series two-wire 24 GHz FMCW radar transmitter provides level measurement for a broad spectrum of liquid applications, most notably for corrosive liquid products. It measures distance, level and volume of liquids and pastes, and is ideal for measuring the level of corrosive fluids in agitated tanks up to a range of 100 m/328 ft. The unique drop-shaped antenna option is ideally suited for aggressive liquids, acids and other corrosive substances.

For toxic and dangerous liquid products, choose to have the probe equipped with a Metaglas® second sealing barrier. Metaglas® provides the highest possible level of protection for sensitive equipment working in extreme environments.

The RE Series is ideal for use in hazardous areas, in process conditions of up to +200°C/+392°F and 100 bar/1450 psi. Additionally, the radar level transmitter comes with a quick coupling system that allows the removal of the housing under process conditions. This liquid level transmitter is also compatible with HART®7 communication and has industry-standard 4~20 milliamp outputs.


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