Cable Suspended Float Level Switch FQ-8

The FQ-8 cable suspended float sensors are designed to provide the control signals for a differential pump control system. These top mounting sensors are suitable for use in a wide variety of open tanks or vessels. The control differential in the FQ-8 is adjustable from 330mm to 4000mm. The ABS covered float and the PVC cable make them ideal for most pump control application.

A number of float units can be used together to give multiple level switch points in one flanged holder. Each float can be easily assembled on site and the switch operating points are adjusted by altering the length of the cable.


  • One float gives a latched signal between two different levels
  • Differential and switch level points are easily field adjustable
  • Unique tumbling action eliminates chatter
  • Works in dirty liquids
  • Reliability / Long switch life
  • Easy installation

Float Material : ABS

Cable Material : PVC

Cable Length : 6m (Option length available)

Adjustable Level : 330 to 4000mm

Application : One float gives a latched signal between two different levels. (pump control/regulation)


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