FMCW Radar Level Measurement Transmitter RA

FMCW Radar Level Measurement Transmitter RA

Radar technology provides powerful non-contact level control where it is most needed. These advanced level measurement gauges are immune to dust, vacuum, humidity, foam, and variations in pressure, dielectric and temperature. Hycontrol’s 24 GHz and 80 GHz radar products offer a wide range of solutions for almost every requirement. Models are available for solids measurement and liquid level control. 

Hycontrol’s Reflex RA Series two-wire 80 GHz FMCW radar level transmitter is for hygienic liquids applications, where high precision is essential. It provides users in industries such as biochemical and food production with continuous, non-contact liquid level measurement.

A flush-mounted PEEK lens antenna with a small beam angle and short dead zone allows for precise level measurement even in small and narrow tanks with agitators. This level measurement device is also well suited for use on larger containers, with measuring distances up to 50 m/164 ft.

The RA series is ideally suited for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries in applications with any finished or raw product, such as fresh milk, wine or juice. As the radar withstands process temperatures up to +150°C/+302°F and pressures up to 25 bar/362 psi, it is suitable for use in tanks with CIP/SIP cleaning procedures. The RA Series offers a wide choice of hygienic process connections and comes with extensive device diagnostics as well as HART®7 communication.


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