RWTK15 Transmitter

RWTK15 Transmitter

The RWTK15 from Hycontrol is a compact, non-intrusive, loop-powered ultrasonic level transducer for continuous measurement of liquids. RWTK15 does not compromise on quality and provides effortless and intuitive operation together with flexible, unfussy mounting.

Hycontrol's RWTK15 remains a lower-cost option but is still comparable in terms of fidelity and power at the same ranges. For users looking for simple installation and set-up off the shelf, this unit (held as a stock item) is a compelling choice. RWTK15 has proven popular with users around the world.

RWTK15's measuring range of 10 meter makes it appropriate for level indication applications in a wide range of industries such as water, waste, food, dairy, oil, chemicals and more.

The RWTK15 emits an ultrasonic pulse which reflects from the measuring surface of the liquid. The reflected signal is processed using specially developed software to enhance the correct waveform and reject false echoes. An automatic sensitivity control allows the unit to dynamically adjust and improve the received echoes to achieve the best possible liquid measurement accuracy.

Since being introduced, the RWTK15 has been used in dozens of different applications and has proven itself to be a robust, practical addition to Hycontrol's product range. For straightforward liquid level indication and control applications, it is hard to beat!


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