Tuning Fork Level Switch TF

Tuning Fork Level Switch TF

Hycontrol's TF Series are simple yet highly effective vibrating level switch devices for liquids. They are unaffected by liquid conductivity, dielectric constant, viscosity, pressure or temperature, and can operate in a process temperature of up to 130°C (266°F). A blade is forced by a piezoelectric crystal to oscillate at its fundamental frequency (also referred to as natural resonance). When the blade comes into contact with the process medium, this dampens the oscillation; the electronics sense the change in frequency which causes the unit to switch.

The electronic output options allow the user to switch a load on/off or to interface directly with a PLC. The units can be programmed to sense high or low level and failsafe high or low, with adjustable sensitivity to eliminate false switching.

As the damping effect (resistance to vibration) of low viscosity liquids is minimal, Hycontrol's TF devices use two relatively wide blades to sense the presence of liquid levels. These blades can be short in length for minimal intrusion into the vessel, or use in pipes.

The TF series' standard short forks offer many advantages to the user, enabling the switch to operate in small vessels or pipes with a minimum intrusion profile. Extensive research has maximized the operational effectiveness of the fork to allow it to work with aerated liquids and slurries and to function even when coated with product. In combination with the features and benefits listed above, this makes the TF Series switches an ideal solution for a great many liquid level applications and level detection of free-flowing liquids. The switches will control filling and emptying functions, as well as generating failsafe alarms to provide either overfill or empty tank protection. The probes can be extended up to a length of 3 meters (10 feet). For aggressive mediums, plastic coated versions are recommended, and highly polished versions are best suited for abrasive mediums.


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