Online Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, D. Ozone Analyzer InnoCon 6800CL

Potentiostatic Controller for Free Chlorine (CL2) , Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), D. Ozone (O3). 
innoCon 6800CL Controller is specially designed for water treatment and industrial process control. Used with innoSens 710 sensor and PA-711 flow cell, it can measure the concentration of residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone in the water. Its adoption of membrane free constant voltage sensor eliminates the need for membrane and reagent replacement. Furthermore, it is highly sensitive and stable, only requiring simple maintenance.

Process Water
Drinking Water
Food & Beverage
Cooling Water
Wastewater Treatment
Pool & Spa
√ The latest wide power input, super anti-interference design
√ Flame retardant plastic bite shell, better texture feel
√ Large-screen backlit LCD shows measured values, temperature and relay status
√ Chinese / English menu, easier to operate
√ Password protection, to prevent unauthorized operation
√ New calibration steps can help reduce operational errors
√ NEMA4X / IP65 protection class, a variety of installation methods


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