Turbidity Suspended Solids Analyzer InnoCon 6800T

Turbidity Suspended Solids Analyzer InnoCon 6800T

Jensprima innoCon 6800T Turbidity Turbidimeter SS Analyzer is based on 90° scattered light and is EN ISO 7027 compliant. When the light passes through the solution, a portion is absorbed and scattered, and the other is passed through the solution so that the turbidity and the suspended matter of the water sample can be measured by measuring the intensity of the scattered light of the particles in the water. It is equipped with innoSens 810T sensor, can measure the turbidity of 1000NTU or suspended solids 2000mg / L

Turbidity / Turbidimeter : 0.0-4.0 / 40.0 / 400.0 / 1000.0 NTU
SS: 0.0-10.0 / 100.0 / 1000.0 / 2000.0 mg/L
Accuracy: ±2 f.s

Measuring sensor: innoSens 810T turbidity/ suspended solids sensor

Analog Output 1:
4-20 mA isolated current output for suspended solids sensor, it can be made to represent any segment of the measuring scale
Relay 1&2 (Alarm):
Operation: ON/OFF
Selectable action : High / Low
Set Point: High/10.0 g/L; Low/4.0 g/L (adjustable)
Hysteresis: 0.01 g/L (adjustable)
Relay 3 (Wash Relay)


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