Air Bubbler System LA

The LA system operates by bubbling a small flow of air from a submerged dip tube and then measuring the resulting air back pressure. Pressure increase proportion to depth of measured liquid until air is forced out the bottom. The pressure stabilizes and the pressure is measured by the control unit. 

Ideal for measuring level measurement of sludge, highly viscous liquids and liquids with suspended solids such as:

  • Drainage
  • Night Soil
  • Sewage Water

Advantage of this model:

  • Having no moving parts, the sensor offers stable measurement even with sticky liquids or liquids with suspended solids.
  • Sensor requires no electricity, so can be used in hazardous areas with the controller installed in a safe area.
  • Long service life even with corrosive liquids due to air preventing corrosive gases from penetrating into the controller.


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