Online Streaming Current Monitor Flumsys 10SC

Flumsys 10SC streaming current detector is used to continuously measure the electric charge on the tiny suspended particles and colloids in the liquid. The electric charge is measured by electronic signal processing. The measurement result is converted into A.C signal or streaming current (SC). The value of streaming current (SC) is proportional to the charge density. The charged state depends on the water after flocculation. The excess positive and negative charges can quickly react to changes in water characteristics (such as chromaticity and turbidity) by detecting the changes in the streaming current (SC) value, thereby making the operation. The personnel can adjust the metering of the flocculant accordingly.

Flumsys 10SC streaming current Detector can be equipped with a pretreatment system to ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of the instrument, with continuous measurement, automatic cleaning, PID control function can be connected to the existing dosing system and start automatic dosing control. The amount of flocculant will be automatically adjusted according to the characteristics of the water.'

Schematic diagram
Streaming Current Monitor
Simultaneous display of actual SC value and relative SC value
SC real-time trend chart
Automatic cleaning function
PID control function
SC 4-20mA and PID 4-20mA output
2 high/low alarm output
RS485 Modbus RTU communication
Password protection to prevent unauthorized operation
Data recording function, support U disk to export (Excel)
Automatic control / manual control two modes
Optional pretreatment system, greatly reducing maintenance

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