Solid Shaft Hollow Shaft Rotary Encoder OPTI HTP HTPI

Solid Shaft Hollow Shaft Rotary Encoder OPTI HTP HTPI

Ester’s solid shaft, hollow-shaft rotary encoders are based on a uniform technology with a metal disc and multiple scanning unit. They are available in protection class IP 66 and IP 68. The main area of application is heavy engineering in the paper, calender, fiber and steel industries.

Programmable pulse numbers from 25 – 4096 I / U, complementary signal, zero pulse, HTL or TTL technology with RS 422 driver are available.

Ester’s incremental rotary encoders are equipped with powerful line drivers. The completely symmetrical design of the circuit enables an identical output impedance of the driver at high and low levels and a completely synchronous switching of an output and complementary signal. This enables optimal attenuation of common mode interference levels that may be present on the line. With a low signal level (HTL or TTL up to 12 V), lengths of up to 1200 m can be achieved on low-loss, closed cables.

The defined output impedance of the line driver also enables problem-free operation of the encoder on open lines, which are the norm in HTL technology. The line driver can supply current of 300mA for a short time, which enables the cable capacities to be charged quickly. Since the output resistors are designed as PTC thermistors, an effective current of 50 mA must not be exceeded.


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