PACON 3400 Online Iron Ion Analyser

PACON 3400 is a compact, easy to operate and accurate on-line iron ion analyser from JENSPRIMA for measuring the concentration of dissolved iron (divalent and trivalent iron) in water for controlled iron ion removal. 

Common Applications:

  • Boiler feed water
  • Drinking water
  • Iron removal processes


  •  Durable and accurate analytical methods
  •  Automatic online monitoring with only one reagent
  • Special material measuring tank so that condensation does not adhere to the optics
  •  Automatic zero point adjustment before each measurement to ensure measurement stability
  •  4-20mA/RS485 Modbus output
  •  4 programmable relay outputs
  •  External signal input function (can be linked to external devices)
  •  Compact design, easy to install
  •  Minimal maintenance and reagent consumption

Two different measuring ranges of reagents are available:

FE3401Low range):0.01 ~ 0.5mg/L

FE3402High range):0.2 ~ 6mg/L



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