Particle Counter PC 400

Particle Counter PC 400

CS Instruments Particle Counter PC4000 according to ISO 8573 stationary solution. The DS 400 shows all 3 measuring channels according to ISO 8573-1.

Particle size 0.1…0.5 µm: Number or particles per m³
Particle size 0.5…1.0 µm: Number or particles per m³
Particle size 1.0…5.0 µm: Number or particles per m³

Highly precise, optical laser particle counter for use in compressed air and technical gases.
Highly precise optics for detecting the smallest particles up to 0.1 μm and therefore suitable for monitoring the compressed air class 1 according to ISO 8573-1.

The flow rate of 28.3 l/min (1 cfm) is 10 times higher than that of the particle counters generally available on the market (usually 2.83 l/min).

Advantage: Counts the smallest particles with high counting accuracy at the same time


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