Vortex Flowmeter LUGB

Q&T LUGB Vortex flow meter works based on Carmen vortex and Strouhal number relevant spiral produce and on the theory of the flow relationship. Vortex flow meters measure flows of liquid, gas and steam by detecting the frequency at which vortices are alternatively shed from a bluff body. According to proven laws and physics, the frequency at which the vortices are shed is directly proportional to the flow velocity. Vortex Flowmeter is suitable for Saturated Steam, Superheated Steam & Compressed Air measure.


  • Japan technology with embedded-type sensor, sensor could integrate with temperature.
  • Circuit Board: Digital circuit board, anti-vibration and anti-interference.
  • Flow converter: Distinctive modular design, amateurs can operate, disassemble and assemble easily, it will avoid accident risks.
  • Integral forging, anti-rust, long service life
  • Resist high temperature up to 350℃,normal temperature up to 250℃


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