Flange Electromagnetic Flowmeter QTLD

Q&T QTLD Flange Electromagnetic Flow Meter is ideal for conductive liquids. It is composed of a sensor and an intelligent conversion part. It can measure the volume flow of various conductive liquids. The measured media include acid, alkali, salt and paper pulp, mud, waste water, sea water, and solid-liquid liquids. In addition, the sensor adopts an integral sealed structure, and the measuring tube and the shell are integrated, which is moisture-proof and waterproof, and is suitable for underground or humid environment installation.
  • Ambient temperature :-20℃~60℃.
  • Diagnostic function and empty pipe detection.
  • Measure forward and reverse direction flows.
  • Built-in reference electrodes, no need to connect ground ring.
  • Dual-frequency excitation and stable zero point.
  • Precision coil winding technology, makes magnetic field more uniform.
  • High protection grade,IP65.
  • No moving parts, no pressure loss.
  • High accuracy: ±0.5% of reading,±0.3% and ±0.2% optional, velocity >0.3 m/s.


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