Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter QTLD/C

Q&T QTLD/C Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meters are economical alternatives to full-caliber electromagnetic flowmeters. It has a wide range of DN100mm-DN3000mm. It can be made with threaded ball valves or flanged ball valves and is suitable for hot tapping applications. It adopts the new technology of non-uniform magnetic field and special magnetic structure, the magnetic field is stable, and the volume and the weight is reduced, so that the flowmeter has the characteristics of small and light weight. It is not affected by power frequency and various stray interferences on site, and the work is very stable and reliable.


  • Price independent of pipe diameter
  • High accuracy 1.5%
  • Measuring range up to 15m/s
  • Pressure up to 16 bar
  • Bi-directional flow measurement
  • Automatic self-diagnosis
  • Protection Class: IP68 (sensor submersible) available
  • ABS/PP probe suitable for max 80degC


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