Clamp On Online Ultrasonic Flowmeter QT811

Q&T QT811 Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter is ideal for non-conductive clear liquids. I
Easily and friendly for installation and operation. It only takes a few minutes, from the start of installation to using the flow meter. QT811 adopts a new external clamp design, which could get the flow rate without touch the measurement medium.
Compared with other traditional flow meter, this could avoid pressure loss or media contamination problems.
As the advantage of a clamp on flow meter, no need to cut off the pipe or long time stop the equipment, save the cost of time and labor costs. A variety of modes are available for setting and flexibility. One set is universal for all pipe size ( DN15mm to DN40mm) in the measuring range, and suitable for  any kinds of metal and resin pipes. LCD display. Display a variety of information.

It is optional to become an ultrasonic cooling (heat) meter/ BTU meter/ energy meter to realize the monitoring and measurement of energy.

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