Variable Area Flowmeter QTLZ

Q&T LZS Metal Tube Rotameter is a Variable Area Flow Meter. It consists of a tapered tube, typically made of steel with a 'float', made of SS or PTFE. It adopts full metal structure, which is with the features of small volume, low pressure loss , big range ratio(10~20:1),optional transmitter with HART communication function, installation and low maintenance convenient. It is widely used in various industries under the complex and bad environment, which is measuring the flow and controlling the process to the small flow and low flow velocity, and all kinds of harsh conditions of medium.

Product Feature

  • Heavy duty design with maximum visibility
  • Strong metal structure design
  • Suitable for various industries of gas and liquid measurement
  • New flow shell structure design, it can be used in high temperature environment without increasing components.
  • Special design of conical measuring tube, its measuring range and measuring linear are wider and better.
  • We can offer flange connection, clamp, thread and other process connection modes, which is suitable for most of the factories application requirements
  • Measuring part materials can be selected: stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy, PTFE, FEP, etc
  • A specially designed magnetic coupling system, can improve the measurement precision and stability obviously .
  • Two-wire 4~20mADC signal output/HART.


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