Ultrasonic Level Meter QTUL

Q&T QTUL Ultrasonic Level Meter measures the time t between pulse transmission and reception. The meter uses the time t (and the velocity of sound) to calculate the distance D between the sensor membrane and the product surface The sensor of the meter pulses in the direction of the product surface. There, they are reflected back and received by the sensor.

D = c •t/2. As the device knows the empty distance H from a user entry, it can calculate the level as follows: L= H – D.


  • Integrated design, installed conveniently;
  • Protected in the excessive voltage and current;
  • Protected in the thunder and lightning;
  • The big show window of LCD is easy to debug and observe;
  • Over-voltage over-current protection, lightning protection;
  • Advanced since the clamp type terminal, to ensure that wiring never loose;
  • Intellectual signal treatment technology, guarantee that the instrument meets various kinds of operating occasion;
  • All plastic probe, acid and alkali resistant, adapt to bad environment;


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