Rotating Paddle Level Switch R7

The R7 series of miniature rotating paddle sensors are designed for use with plastic molding or injection machines and extruders. It can also be designed into equipment such as grain processing machines and granulating equipment. These products are the most compact units of their type and are designed to provide reliable services.

There are two standard versions of the R7, the R7-X series are intended for indoor use and the R7-Z intended for outdoor use. The R7-XL/ZL is custom made long shaft version up to 1000mm. The bR7-XT is designed to resist temperature up to 120 deg. C.


  • Miniature size
  • Simple torque adjustment
  • Reliable design
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Low cost

Application : High / Low level Indication (alarm set point)

Medium : Solid


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