Step 1 for Compressed Air Analysis : Compressed Air and Energy Costs Monitoring

Step 1 for Compressed Air Analysis : Compressed Air and Energy Costs Monitoring

The first step is to install precise flow meters for compressed air at all essential places in order to get reliable measured data. The instruments are directly mounted into the main pipes of the compressed air plant, (in the compressor room). In the first step the compressed air consumption in the main supply line is recorded ideally by means of an intelligent chart recorder. The compressed air lines which divert to the single final consumers of compressed air are only considered in the second step.

As indicated in the example, the intelligent chart recorder DS 500 determines and records directly at the compressed air production in the compressor room the compressed air consumption with the flow sensor VA 500, the dew point resp. pressure dew point with the dew point sensor FA 510, the current resp. energy consumption with the CS clamp-on ammeter and additionally the pressure with the CS pressure sensor.

In practice such a compressed air measurement should be carried out at least for the duration of one complete week. Ideally from Friday to Friday in order to get the consumption data of the compressed air plant for a complete production period. Compressed air leakages become transparent very quickly especially at weekends. In the production-free time the compressed air consumption should be nearly “Zero m³/h“.which is not realistic in practice. Load behaviors of the compressors at the weekend, when the compressors only run for pressure generation of the leakages, and peak compressed air consumptions at the beginning of the week become visible.

With the intelligent chart recorder DS 500 CS Instruments offers customized solutions.


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