Portable Leak Detector STETHOPHON 04

The Stethophon® 04 is a listening device for detecting and amplifying structure-borne noise of all types. It provides undistorted sound reproduction even for very low noise.

In addition to a version with cable headphones, the SDR version with wireless headphones is available. Sewerin Digital Radio (SDR) offers sound transmission of the same quality as with a cable connection. Eliminating the cable increases working comfort significantly. The headphones and the device are automatically connected by bidirectional radio when switched on.


  • Wireless headphones with digital signal transmission (SDR)
  • Optional connection for external ground microphone
  • 8 filter levels
  • Hearing protection function
  • Numeric display of minimum noise level (0 to 1000)
  • Operating time of at least 8 hours
  • Weighs only about 290 g



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