Thermal Mass Flowmeter TMF

Q&T TMF Thermal gas mass flow meter is divided into Pipe-line and Insertion, according to installation infrastructure. It can be used for measuring gas such as Air, Oxygen, Methane, Natural gas and other mixture gas, except acetylene and humid gas. Thermal gas mass flow meter is designed based on thermal diffusion and adopt principle of constant temperature difference to measure gas.

Application industry

  • Blast furnace gas, Coke oven gas measurement.
  • Flue gas measurement.
  • Aeration and chlorine from biogas and water treatment.
  • Compressed air measurement.
  • Natural gas, LPG gas, flare gas.
  • Primary and secondary air flow measurement of power plant blast furnace.
  • Flow measurement of mine ventilation or exhaust system.
  • Smoke from the chimney.


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