Turbidity  Suspended Solids Analyzer Turbiggo

Turbidity Suspended Solids Analyzer Turbiggo

DTLI Online Turbidity Turbidimeter Analyzer Turbiggo is a continues measurement of turbidity and total suspended solid. (T.S.S.) 

  • Wide range of measurement
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Compact size

TURBIGGO™ is an on-line turbidimeter that conforms with the NF-EN-ISO 7027 standard. TURBIGGO™ operates through a path through flow cell. The analyzer uses an Infrared light source that makes it not sensitive to water color. Its range from 0.01 to 1000 FNU makes it well suited for low turbidity applications as well as rough industrial effluents. The measurement result is displayed in FNU as well as in S.M. unit. Its stainless steel 316L enclosure ensures maximal protection of the instrument whatever the conditions of environment are, while insuring a perfect recyclability at the end of life.


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