Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter Q&T

Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter Q&T

Economical solution for open channel flow measurement
High accuracy, liquid level change 1mm
Simple setup for flumes and weirs.Selectable pre-programmed formulas for flumes, weirs and other geometries
leak-proof structure and IP68 protect grade
Measure level, flow rate and total volume flow.
Multiple Output: 4-20 mA, relay and RS485 etc; easily connect up to most systems.



  • High detection accuracy, the flow meter measurement changes with 1mm, the accuracy of change in level is 1 mm
  • Suitable for a variety of weirs and flumes, Parshall flumes (ISO), V-Notch weirs, Rectangular weirs(With or Without End Contractions) and custom Formula type weir
  • Displays flow rate in L/S , M3/h or M3/min
  • Excellent anti-interference capability
  • Clear display with Graphical LCD(with backlight) 
  • The cable length between probe and host up to 1000m
  • The probe with leak-proof structure and IP68 protect grade
  • Chemically resistant probe materials for maximum application flexibility
  • Provided 4-20mA output and RS485 serial communication (MODBUS-RTU) output
  • Provided programmable 6 relays at most for alarms
  • Three button for programming or remote control for easy configuration and operation


  • water treatment plants
  • storm and sanitary sewer systems
  • effluent water resource recovery  
  • industrial discharge and irrigation channels



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