Thermal Mass Flow Meter Explosion Proof VA 570

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Explosion Proof VA 570

VA 570 is integrated, precise differential pressure sensor measures the differential pressure/ dynamic pressure at the sensor tip. The pressure depends on the respective gas velocity. The flow is therefore easy to determine by means of the pipe diameter. The additional measurement of temperature and absolute pressure and calculation of the relevant density means that measuring can be carried out for various gases, a wide variety of temperatures and pressures.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Measurement of mass flow, direct output of standard volume flow, without additional measurement of pressure and temperature, possible
  • All wetted parts of the VA 570 are made of stainless steel, especially for applications with high demands on cleanliness and surface quality
  • The robust aluminum housing is ideally suited for harsh industrial conditions as well as for outdoor installations
  • No moving parts, therefore low maintenance
  • Vanishingly low pressure loss due to vanishingly low blockage of the diameter
  • ATEX or DVGW certification available, thus recommended for gases such as natural gas, hydrogen, biogas, etc.
  • Highly accurate at small as well as large flow rates
  • Pressure and temperature compensated by the thermal mass flow principle
  • Easy installation and removal of the sensor from the measuring section, the measuring section can remain in the line for cleaning or recalibration of the sensor and can simply be closed with a sealing cap


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